InnovationWell launches 1st European event

A New Era in Using Natural Products for Drug Development and Health

21 November in Basel 

Join us for the launch of InnovationWell Basel to discuss how we can advance the fascinating promise natural products offer for new drugs!

Could modern information technology provide the missing link to make full use of the hundreds of thousands of compounds that nature offers us? Could new techniques - infrastructure development, data sharing, crowdsourcing, natural product mimetic library design, evidence-based workflows – take us into a new era of natural-based drugs and healthcare products?

Get new perspectives from our experts and be a part of our informal Knowledge Café experience.

Timea Polgar, Founder and CEO, Envision Biotechnology

“How can we meet the need for standardized and structured databases able to handle natural products – plus in vitro, in vivo and traditional data?”

Barry Hardy, CEO, Douglas Connect and President, OpenTox Association

“How can we use our experience with global scientific communities to advance data sharing and integrated testing/safety assessment and meet the challenges of complex molecules in natural products?”

The National Academy of Sciences invited OpenTox Barry Hardy to present experiences and case examples from the first decade of OpenTox at a workshop in Washington DC (Feb. 20-21, 2018).