Barry Hardy

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Dr. Barry Hardy, CEO of Douglas Connect and President of the OpenTox Association, will speak at the upcoming InnovationWell October gatherings in Philadelphia and Boston. 

Dr. Hardy’s previous InnovationWell talk focused on the “Business perspective on safe product design and environmental and human health care”.

‘Success in product design is not merely about involving industry and regulatory acceptance. It is not just about developing research methods. Success also requires promoting conversation between different stakeholders that address different points of view and objectives to develop understanding. That’s why InnovationWell is all about conversation.’

‘The traditional method for designing a drug or a chemical is to develop for a particular activity and, later, do animal testing and clinical trials to ascertain if it is safe or not. Safety by Design means taking a holistic rather than a sequential approach from the start. It means looking at all of the interactions together to design-in the good features while leaving out the bad. Computer-based methods can greatly help support this built-in safety for design approach.’