Jaclyn N. Taroni

Jaclyn Taroni recently joined the Childhood Cancer Data Lab, an Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation initiative dedicated to funding research for a cure for childhood cancer.

Michael N. Liebman

Michael N. Liebman, InnovationWell 2018
Michael N. Liebman is a leading scientist in the field of biomedical informatics. His research focuses on computational models of disease progression stressing risk detection, disease process and pathway modeling and analysis of lifestyle interactions...

Deborah McGuinness

'The landscape is changing as data becomes more accessible and integrated and, thus, more able to be used to understand population impacts'

Matthew Clark

'Although lack of efficacy is an important cause of late stage attrition in drug development the shortcomings in the translation of toxicities observed during the preclinical development to observations in clinical trials or post-approval is an ongoing topic of research.'

Kris Thayer

Kris Thayer InnovationWell
‘A key aspect of realizing the full potential of database interoperability is to promote the use of consistent terminology and “cross-walk” approaches for addressing the different terminologies already in use.’