Barry Hardy

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Dr. Hardy’s InnovationWell talk will focus on supporting Evaluation and Decision-making in Natural Product Innovation.

Over the past decade, OpenTox has motivated a global community of scientists sharing data, knowledge and best practices related to toxicology. Today, the open knowledge standards ideas of OpenTox are being implemented within OpenRiskNet to support the safety assessment goals of chemicals. Within the BaselArea DayOne initiative in Precision Medicine, we are extending infrastructure applications to trusted precision medicine, supported by blockchain technology. Within NanoCommons, we are extending these applications to the evaluation of complex Nano Materials and Nano Medicine. How can we tackle the problem of Natural Products? How can we aid the needed data sharing, the integrated testing and safety assessment, the challenges of complex molecules, the uncertainties in modelling mixtures? Let’s put our heads together and see what problems we can solve! Our best ideas should lead to actions supporting the Natural Product development goals of providing health, environmental and business benefits.