Alexander Tropsha

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Dr. Tropsha's talk will be on "Predictive modeling for environmental health purposes".

'As scientists, we need to get together in small groups, to find a more open, more blunt, more cohesive way to move science and regulation forward in the same direction. There is a Valley of Death between scientific discovery and the time it takes to get regulatory acceptance. For example, we published a paper showing that human data and animal data for the standard LLNA test on skin sensitisation do not correlate and the work has been validated by our peers, yet, the LLNA test is still being used by regulators. We need to get in the same room.'

“I’m a computer modeller. I procure, process and model other people’s data. From my interaction with scientists, I know that there are always nuances that make an experiment successful or unsuccessful, but to get to that level of understanding takes personal contact. Algorithms, I can get from reading papers, but it would be very attractive to be able to talk directly to scientists who generate data, the experimental toxicologists, who could tell me about the most difficult challenges they face. I’m hoping to meet people from a lot of different fields at InnovationWell in Frontier Park.”