Translational Medicine Case Studies

Session 2 Case Studies
InnovationWell 2015

Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Frank Hollinger (Sphaera Pharma) and Michael Liebman (Strategic Medicine)

Session Chair: 

Michael Liebman (Strategic Medicine)

Friday, 13 February, 2015 - 13:45

Charles Commons, Johns Hopkins University
10 East 33rd Street


Baltimore, MD, USA 21218

It is critical to recognize the true complexity of disease and patient management

“Translational medicine”, “personalized medicine”, “precision medicine” and “Big Data” are all terms used to describe research efforts to improve healthcare, lower its cost and improve quality of life.

The associated development and application of high technology approaches, e.g. NGS, in all these efforts, has not, however, fully embraced the complexity of the patient, disease and the healthcare system. The real opportunity to improve these conditions will require the interaction and collaboration of all players in the healthcare ecosystem: the patient, physician, pharma, payer, regulatory agency, and healthcare provider.

Fundamental to reaching these goals is the transition from a “bottom-up” to a ‘top-down” approach. This places the emphasis on identifying the critical questions that impact real world patients and medical practice and using these to guide research. It also acknowledges that members of the ecosystem have different perspectives and priorities in managing disease and they are all correct. Two case studies will be presented in the session, in a pediatric rare disease and in breast cancer, to show the potential that can be achieved through public-private partnerships that bridge critical gaps.