Collaborative Innovation in Drug Discovery

Session 1 Case Studies
InnowationWell Interaction Meeting, Baltimore, USA
InnovationWell 2015

Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Frank Hollinger (Sphaera Pharma) and Michael Liebman (Strategic Medicine)

Session Chair: 

Frank Hollinger (Sphaera Pharma)

Friday, 13 February, 2015 - 09:15

Charles Commons, Johns Hopkins University
10 East 33rd Street


Baltimore, MD, USA 21218

Chaired by Frank Hollinger (Sphaera Pharma)

This session will discuss case study experiences involving collaboration in drug and biotech discovery and development, obstacles experienced in practice and methods used to overcome barriers, approaches used to data share including IP and contractual issues, practices in knowledge management and innovation success.

Practitioners will share guidance and tools based on their experiences with the attendees within a community of practice approach.

We will additionally discuss emerging collaboration practices and business opportunities which participants may join forces on. The InnovationWell Colaboration Pool supports the profiling and joining together of matching partners to respond to emerging opportunties.

Case Study: Drug Discovery Protein-Protein Interaction Disruption by Kal Ramnarayan (Sapient Discovery LLC)

One of the Holy-Grails in Drug Discovery is to identify small molecules that could be disrupting protein-protein interactions and potentially be developed into an antagonist to treat diseases otherwise not accessible by traditional methods. Learn More Here

Case Study: Scientists Against Malaria presented by Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect)

 This case study will describe community and collaboration-based approaches used to progress the aims of the Scientists Against Malaria initiative. Our InnovationWell community of practice activities seeded the initial collaboration.

We will describe the efforts made in the initial period of the project to establish and coordinate a multidisciplinary team working virtually on a challenging "green field" problem. In the next phase of the work we are expanding the effort to the broader community involving the contributions of a broader set of stakeholders. We will discuss the challenges incuding financing, legal, infrastructure and portfolio management within the context of new business and innovation models required for such approaches based on multi-stakeholder collaboration. More background: