InnovationWell Interaction Meeting: October 18, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Exploring AI and Machine Learning Approaches to Precision Medicine and Healthcare

The unprecedented quantities of data now being generated by medical research and healthcare are far beyond human management. To turn this torrent of Big Data into Smart Data, scientists are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

But there have been growing pains. Recent claims, for example, that IBM’s supercomputer ‘Watson for Oncology’ recommended “unsafe and incorrect” cancer treatments are a reminder that applying AI and ML to medical research and healthcare depends both on the datasets selected and training in interpretation and use. Outputs are only as good as inputs.

At this event, several preeminent speakers will look at the issues around AI and ML from their own particular perspectives. In 15-minute talks, the speakers will explain the essential context of their work, as well as their own particular conundrums. They will, then, join participants in small groups to discuss and explore.

Location: 30 North 41st Street, University Place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

Facilitator: Frank Hollinger (Douglas Connect GmbH)

Event Program

2:00 p.m.         Warm up with coffee and Swiss chocolates

2:30 p.m.         Perspectives to spice our conversations

  • Revisiting the Scientific Method Dawer Jamshed (Chief Scientific Officer, Vertex Labs) & Lucas Beauchemin (VP of Research and Development, Vertex Labs)
  • Precision medicine meets imprecise medicineMichael N. Liebman (Managing Director, Co-Founder at IPQ Analytics, LLC)
  • Feature representation learning for rare disease transcriptomicsJaclyn Taroni (Postdoctoral Fellow at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania)

3:15 p.m.         Panel discussion facilitated by Frank Hollinger (Corporate Operations, Americas, Douglas Connect GmbH)

The back and forth begins!

3:45 p.m.         Knowledge Café

Discussion in small groups, with a rotation of tables every 20 minutes.

4:45 p.m.         Insight Sharing

The sum is always greater than the parts. Let’s share and combine experience and ideas!

5:30 p.m.         Tearing Down The Wall

Networking with refreshments, eco-friendly snacks.