Drug Discovery Protein-Protein Interaction Disruption

Dr. Kal Ramnarayan will be a part of our "Innovation and Collaboration" session at InnovationWell 2015

One of the Holy-Grails in Drug Discovery is to identify small molecules that could be disrupting protein-protein interactions and potentially be developed into an antagonist to treat diseases otherwise not accessible by traditional methods.

 At Sapient Discovery we have put together a series of computational protocols in combination with appropriate biochemical assays and structural biology in order to discovery of small molecules that could disrupt protein-protein interactions.  

While we were able to secure several collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on targets involved in protein-protein interactions, half way through the collaboration, we also end up with some scientists questioning the very premise of this undertaking.  

While it is nice to get into a discussion on this topic on the scientific level, when additional “proof” that it works is demanded half way through the project, it only results in disrupting the whole project plan and the collaborative spirit.  Our capabilities in small molecule discovery to disrupt protein-protein interaction will be discussed followed by our approach to address the challenges.